If you are in business, you’ll know by now that it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to be good at more than 2 things….

You might be good at your THING, and maybe one more thing… eg writing copy, or making YouTube videos, or putting out Social Media content, or accounting, or…. …

ah… no… read on….

Let’s talk quickly about the Google My Business changes that are being talked about, which are coming through now in late 2021.

The rumors were that it’s all 2022 changes, but some of them are flowing through already.

As Google has done in the past with Google My Business and Google Search generally, things change gradually all the time.

Occasionally, you’ll see an article or get a fright…

Corey Hinde likes SIMPLE

I sent this out to my email list, and thought you might like to read as well….

4 things that might help you out…

► Simplify to Amplify framework

► Stand Out from the Crowd

► Sell the Result

► An Email I sent to clients today

1️⃣ Simplify to…

By Corey Hinde | SEO | Digital Marketing | Google My Business

It’s highly likely you are ignoring email in your business.

OR — You are using it, but not very often.

Possibly… you are worried that people will unsubscribe or get annoyed.

I want to show you a super…

Keen for a boost for your business?

This is a marketing bootcamp — 3 days (or longer if you want) to more online reach for your business.

Let’s get straight into the work.

1: Nail your pitch

Your pitch is everything….

If you have a few seconds to tell someone about your business, what you tell them is EVERYTHING.

It needs to be clear, concise, sell the…

ONE simple email that can help your business grow

Over the last few weeks, I’ve alluded to some real truths in the marketing space…

3 of the biggies have been:

  • Word of mouth is probably MORE important than any form of digital marketing.
  • Google My Business is most likely getting…

Plenty of people ask for my help with their websites.

Where to start really…. often the technical aspects of the site, or the backlink count and quality, or the clarity on the site aren’t the issue…

But I’ll skip all of that for now and just dump some cool things…

Corey Hinde — The Good Oil Marketing Dept

SEO Guy | Marketing Consultant | Dad | Lifelong fitness nut… track me down, let’s have a chat

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